What we do

We provide skilled professional land services and aerial photography to our neighbors here in Lisbon and Eastern Iowa’s Cedar Valley. We hold a Part 107 license with a sUAS (Drone Pilot) rating so we can provide commercial aerial photography and video products and derivatives. We’ve been licensed and practicing Land Surveying and Civil Engineering in Iowa since 2003 and we have over 30 years of experience in the St. Louis, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines metro areas. If you have a land related question, chances are we can help you answer it. 

Why we do it

Land can be far more than an investment. For many, the place you call home or the family farm represents a significant part of your assets. But we know it’s more than that. The land holds your sweat and blood equity. It keeps memories of get-togethers in the place generations of your family were raised. It’s your dream, livelihood, and the legacy you’ll leave to your children. It’s priceless. When you need a local professional, a neighbor, to help you take care of it, we want you to know we get it. We understand your connection to the land. 

Using the right tools 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s never been more true. Photographs and video help quickly convey vast amounts of information. It’s what makes them such fantastic tools for solving problems, buying or selling real estate, marketing a home or business, engaging your community, or as a basis for planning and design. Taking it a step further, aerial photography and video provides our clients with a unique and captivating perspective that tells a story in a way nothing else can. Aerial photography and video is fast becoming a must-have for differentiating your property from hundreds of others. 

And aerial photography can do so much more! Aerial imagery orthorectified to GPS measured ground control (orthophotos) is the starting point for many engineering design and construction improvements. Using photogrammetry techniques, the same stunning aerial imagery collected during a flight can be developed into derivate products like digital elevation models, dense point clouds, and even interactive 3D models. Before and after or time lapse photographs can be used to document changes to a location through time, creating a true 4D electronic model of a place. 

At your service, neighbor

No matter your needs, whether creative photography, real estate marketing, or complicated land surveying, engineering, and mapping projects, please consider calling your next door neighbors in the Cedar Valley. Our experienced professionals and shared Iowa values are at your service. We look forward to helping you!  

Skilled professional land services and aerial photography. Iowa Values.

Your Neighbor in Eastern Iowa’s CEdar Valley